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24 September, 2019

Azca Lounge at Moda Shopping will host the exhibition “The Invented Body”, a survey along one hundred years or more of feminine fashion and its silhouettes.

Collectors Collective present “The Invented Body”, an exhibition about fashion and feminine silhouette that will take place in Madrid, from 12 September to 15 December 2019.

“The Invented Body” deals with the most outstanding lines that have defined fashion since the beginning of XXth century to our days, putting aesthetic canons that have prevailed along this period in their context, giving them a new vision and debating about the relation between “body-fashion”.


The silhouette is the creator of the spirit of times. Above colors, fabrics or ornaments, it is silhouette what captures the aesthetic canon of an epoch.

Despite its apparent richness and variety, the history of Western feminine attire has repeated its shapes along the centuries. We have just a bunch of silhouettes that fashion designers use to invent dressed body. Without going beyond and focusing on last one hundred years, four have been the most relevant silhouettes, all of them with antecedents in previous centuries. But, at the same time, relevant is not excluding. Silhouettes can live together in time, but one of them over all will define the epoch.

Tubular silhouette

Triangle silhouette and double triangle silhouette

Balloon silhouette

Anatomic or anthropomorphic silhouette

To finish, this exhibition proposes a reflection about the “tyranny of what is visible” and the naked body, a movement that has been gradually built along these last years and that, at present, can be considered to be mainstream.


This exhibition puts together several fashion collector’s items and three museums with a huge importance in the international scope as well, such as:

Museo del Traje C.I.P.E., Madrid.

MUDE Museu do Design e da Moda Coleçao Francisco Capelo, Lisbon.

Museo de la Moda de Santiago de Chile.

Collecció Tèxtil Antoni de Montpalau, Josep Casamartina.

Colección Quinto – Tinarelli, Enrico Quinto.

Colección Maite Mínguez.

Colección López-Trabado.

Talking about the fashion designers that will countersign these collections, this exhibition will show works of the most relevant designers of the international domain: Lanvin, Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Mainbocher, Versace, Yssey Miyake, Azzaro, Azzedine Alaïa, Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Lauren, Pucci, Christian Lacroix, Commes des Garçons and Gucci.

And national creators such as Cristóbal Balenciaga, Pedro Rodríguez, Jesús del Pozo, Lorenzo Caprile, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Leandro Cano, Ernesto Artillo, Antonio Velasco and Josep Font.


Along attire history, fashion has made use of influential people to be spread. Up to XIXth century, it was aristocracy who had that mission but, at the end of that century, this tendency began to change and women of the cultural and entertainment domains became opinion leaders of fashion, and disseminated it. Beside a determinate silhouette, there was a woman validating it. How could we decouple the silhouette with a narrow waist, pointy breasts and amplified hips from Marilyn Monroe?

This exhibition collects the paper played by those well-known women who consolidated the different aesthetic canon, surveying the most influential names of XXth century fashion. This way, during the visit, the spectator will enjoy outfits that belonged to Madonna, Claudia Schiffer, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Sofía Loren and Lady Gaga among other relevant women.

The Spanish picture is represented by leading personalities such as H.M. Queen Letizia, women from the entertainment world such as Silvia Abascal or Marujita Díaz, and representatives of the political domain such as Esperanza Aguirre.

A special section of this exhibition is dedicated to the TV host Cristina Pedroche. With her New Year’s Eve outfits, Cristina help us think about body, fashion and the observer’s reaction to them.


Azca Hall, Avenida General Perón 38-40

12 September – 15 December 2019


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